Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't buy a wooden a fiberglass one and add as much wood as possible.

Paul and Amber on s/v Kingsley take on some projects to spiff up the boat by adding wood.   I've never heard of roasted oak before.  Looks interesting...

   I don't know who said that catchy phrase, well, actually, I think it is just me saying it. Our Kingsley boat project of last week was heading over to my friends shop and working on new galley sink/trash covers (inside) and some new cockpit tables (outside). The orginals were made from plastic...not even a workable plastic - some composite that is equally hard to clean/paint (a.k.a. it is probably cheap).
   We upgraded the galley covers to bamboo and the cockpit tables (not finished yet) to roasted oak - a wood that has been literally roasted, removing water and sugars making it good for outdoor use (and cheaper than teak). I haven't installed the cockpit tables yet but I am pretty happy with our [almost] finished project.
   Do you have any recent add-wood-to-your-fiberglass boat projects? Did you use teak or something different? What do you use to maintain your indoor wood shine?

Step 1 - buy wood.

Step 2 - use old pieces as patterns

Step 3 - enjoy the fact that it will never get cleaner than this:)


  1. Now you're just making me miss the nice big shop I had when we were dirt dwellers.

  2. Great job! Projects look wonderful! I had an old 35' Chris craft commander earlier this year, everything was wood & stainless so it looked awesome! Keep up the good work!


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