Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hanging Locker Conversion, Part II

Rick on s/v Cay of Sea completes his conversion of a hanging locker into shelved storage space.   This is Part II (you might want to read Part I first):
Now that I have experience with the fitting process, I was able to fit two more shelves and attach their supporting cleats, plus glue up the fiddles for all three shelves.

The shelves looked pretty rough, but sanding, a sealer coat of varnish, and cover coats of white paint made them look clean and ready for use.  The inside of the locker will got fresh paint as well.  There was a previously undetected, but large amount of mold stain inside the locker, which got scrubbed off with a brush and soap/bleach solution.  A new coat of paint made an inviting place to stow clothes and linens.

Fitted and painted – ready for installation

That looks a lot cleaner than…

… this.

The shelves are 9 – 10 inches between levels.  The top two will be for clothes stowage, and the bottom-most will hold towels and linens.  There is a fairly large area beneath the bottom shelf that will hold something else as well.  Meanwhile, I will need to arrange more effective hanging stowage for the few coats that we hang up.


Next project:  Hanging space for coats in the back of the quarter berth area.


  1. The space under the last shelf doesn't look that big, but I was easily able to stow both of our float coats and two inflatable life vests in there. Amazing amount of space reclaimed.

    Rick s/v Cay of Sea

  2. Very nice. We managed to fit the full wardrobe of two people in our converted hanging locker. The bin at the bottom we used for shoes and the like. We also tacked up some dryer sheets on the back side of the louvers; really helped keep everything smelling fresh and clean. Look forward to seeing more of your projects!


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