Thursday, June 14, 2012

To the rescue!

Steve and Lulu on s/v Siempre Sabado explain why we all should have a roll of Rescue Tape on board:
We’ve been losing antifreeze every time we run the engine for some time now.  The engine has never overheated as a result but this was obviously something that needed attention.  Since we have some time here in the marina, today seemed like the day to tackle the problem.

I was a little concerned that maybe there were holes in my heat exchanger that were pumping antifreeze out to sea and then cooling the engine with sea water.  But, after what I found today, I think my heat exchanger is just fine.  However, all the coolant hoses weren’t.

There are more damn places on this engine for a hose to rub and develop a hole.  In this case, the hose was rubbing on the lower corner of the coolant reservoir.  And what a nice leaky hole it was.


This hose runs from the heat exchanger back to the water pump on the front of the engine. It’s a very specialized shape and I had my doubts about finding a replacement here in Puerto Peñasco.  So, what to do?  I KNOW!  Rescue Tape to the rescue!  Again! I wrapped the end of the hose, including the hole in about 5 layers of Rescue Tape which forms a solid piece of heat and pressure resistant rubber when it cures.  Then, for good measure, I inserted a piece of a plastic “keep off the grass” sign I bought some time ago as a barrier between the corner of the reservoir and the hose.


I have now added a full complement of coolant hoses to our “get-it-while-in-the-States” list.
Do you have a roll in your toolbox?

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