Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Closer to scrunchies

Please welcome new contributors Christy and Jason from s/v Hello World!  Christy has here a sewing project that we could all probably use at one place or another aboard...

We had some unused bulkhead space just next to the companionway. And we were always losing our sunglasses. So I sewed together a bulkhead pocket using Don Casey's instructions in Canvaswork & Sail Repair. It turns out to be a GREAT place to put all of these little things that we use all the time and want easy access to either from down below or in the cockpit: sunglasses, camera, deck key, swiss army knife, etc. And it fits really nicely behind our chartplotter which swings on an arm and caused this bulkhead to appear as wasted space - alas it is not!

I'm a fairly novice sewer (read: I used to make hair scrunchies when I was 8) and I found this to be reasonable to do. My husband makes it a habit to leave the boat when I break the sewing machine out - there tends to be a bit of swearing in any of my sewing projects. This was definitely not as hard as replacing the dodger glass, and not quite as easy as scrunchies, but closer to scrunchies than dodgers :)

It was definitely helpful to think about what we'd put in this thing before I put it together. This way, we ended up with a few custom pockets for our parallel ruler and watermaker ppm tester. With a little forethought, we were able to make it a great custom fit for the space too.

Christy & Jason
s/v Hello World
Seattle, WA

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