Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vented loop vent

That sounds kind of recursive, doesn't it? Vented Loop Vent.

But given what it is that the vented loop on your heads is venting, it's probably a really good idea.  On Eolian, the original vented loop fittings were cast bronze, and were fitted with a tiny version of the joker valve on the vent fitting.  That is, the flaps of the duck bill would allow air to enter the top of the vented loop, but would prevent contents (or content vapors) from exiting.

In an Ideal World, that is.

But here in the real world, the occasional  puff, or drop would escape.  And you know, it doesn't take much.

So, I installed the smallest size thru hulls I could find at Doc Freeman's (a famous rabbit warren of a chandler here in Seattle, sadly now gone) into the insides of the bulwarks, and hooked up the vents to them with clear plastic tubing.

This truly is one of those very small projects that makes a big difference in the livability of your boat - especially if the head is near your berth.

1 comment:

  1. That is a nice modification. :) anything to keep icky smells outside the boat.

    I like mine also :) I got rid of the vented loop entirely.. actually I got rid of all the plumbing and the head also and put a composting head in..

    though to be honest it is so new that I can't in honesty say that it has worked great for us yet. Friends that have one say it is awesome though.


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