Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Spinnaker Receiver Bag

Please welcome new contributor Willy from s/v Acrux, a Drakkar 32.  Willy shows us his solution for capturing all the billowing cloth when dousing his spinnaker.  I think you'll enjoy his unique idea...

The spinnaker receiver bag normally lives folded and rolled up out of the way against the heads bulkhead.  It slides back and forth along two thin lines secured to the ceiling of the coachroof with omega fasteners

When it's time to bring down the kite (chute) I undo the little retaining cord and unhank first one side, bring it out and back

Then the other one, so the four hanks, one at each corner, hold the bag open. As a refinement, I added two thin battens, one on each side, to stop the bag from collapsing. There is no need for athwartship battens a the separation of the lines keeps the bag open if the slider lines are taut enough.

For a larger bag or looser runner lines, additional athwarthsip battens could prove useful
The crew sitting at the "piano" position slides the bag back to receive the kite as it's handed below, passing under the boom, by the deck hands:

The bag is made of mesh rather than sailcloth for better airing.

Usually we bring the kite down with halyard and sheets, hoist the foresail (in more haste if rounding a mark!) and then clip halyard and sheets together and pass them back to the deck crew 

Then we slide the bag with the kite forward, unship the bell, hang the head, clew and tack rings there and sort the package before stuffing it into the sailbag. 

The receiver bag does double duty sliding it halfway to receive wet foulies. if weather permits, sliding it directly under the coachroof hatch for airing.

Also a good place to chuck in mooring lines, fenders, etc. temporarily until they're sorted out properly.

I also screwed in four omega fasteners under the forehatch, to move the bag over there to receive foresails when it's time for a sail change. The G1 is a tight fit but the other foresails make it.

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