Monday, August 16, 2010

Cutting down those amp hours

Chuck and Susan aboard m/v Beach House are another happy Bebi Electronics customer.
Considering lights for anchoring, our anchor light is an important item we had to replace on this boat. The old Perko anchor light had corroded and pretty much fell apart. One item we had looked into quite a bit was a photocell to turn the anchor light on and off at dusk and dawn. Too often, we came back to the boat after dark when socializing lasted longer than expected and had no anchor light on or, if we knew we would be back late, had to turn the light on in the afternoon and have it use up precious power during the day. Doing some research brought us to the Web site for Bebi Electronics. They make an anchor light called the Owl which fit the bill perfectly. It has a built in photocell that is just what we wanted and as a matter of fact, once we installed it, we turned on the breaker for the light and forgot to use the breaker again to turn it on and off. Two other benefits we found was that when we turned the light on, our battery monitor showed almost no amps being used, and it proved to be considerably brighter than any of the traditional anchor lights we have used in the past. It is made of PVC and encased in epoxy, so there is little to corrode other than the connections we made to the wiring.
I can add that Bebi is very responsive. In 2008 I asked whether they had a version of this light that was in two segments, such that segment 1, when powered alone would serve as a steaming light, and when segment 2 was added it would serve as an all-around anchor light. They quickly responded that they were ready to make one for me.

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